Explore Ramsau and surroundings with skis, board, and toboggan


Surrounded by a breathtaking mountain backdrop, Ramsau near Berchtesgaden offers an exclusive selection of natural toboggan runs and ski areas for the whole family.

Avalanche Situation

Wet snow
➤ Avalanche Report for Bavaria: Download (PDF)

Isolated small wet loose-snow and glide-snow avalanches possible

Hazard assessment

Avalanche danger in the Bavarian mountains is low. In isolated cases, wet snow can be a threat. On very steep slopes where there is enough snow, small wet loose-snow avalanches can trigger naturally. On steep slopes which are smooth, glide-snow avalanches can release. Circumvent glide cracks. Glide-snow avalanches can grow to medium size.

Snowpack build-up

The snowpack in Bavaria is thoroughly wet up to intermediate altitudes. At high altitudes there are soft layers which persist beneath older snowdrift accumulations, though these are unlikely to trigger. On shady slopes the snowpack surface still has powder in some places at high altitudes, otherwise there are melt-freeze crusts, breakable crusts and, increasingly as the day unfolds, slushy snow. Below 1500m there is no longer much snow on the ground.


As a result of clear nocturnal skies and sunny days, next week will have typical springtime conditions, including a daytime danger cycle for avalanche risks.

European Avalanche Danger Scale





very high

Avalanche Problems

Gliding snow

Persistent weak layers

Wet snow

Wind-drifted snow

New snow
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© Ramsau.de/Hirschkaser

Ski Area Hochschwarzeck

The ski area lies in a central and sunny location, with a great range of winter sport options. A large parking lot is conveniently located directly by the Hirscheck chairlift. The Hirscheck chairlift and 2 t-bar lifts provide access to 3 slopes, r ...

Length: 4,1km

Peak: 1391m

Valley: 1030m

© Fotografie Göttges, Berchtesgaden

Ski Area Götschen

Götschen is an attractive, family-friendly ski area, offering fair prices, perfectly groomed slopes with snow-making facilities, floodlights on Friday evenings and a snow park for boarder fans. The runs, ranging from easy to difficult, are equall ...

Length: 3,36km

Peak: 1300m

Valley: 900m

© Ramsau.de/Hirscheckblitz

Toboggan Run Hirscheckblitz

The newly established, approximately 2,3km long natural toboggan run in Hochschwarzeck Ramsau by Berchtesgaden is a total success! The toboggan run begins at an altitude of 1390m right at the mountain station of the Hirscheck chairlift and rapidly ...

Length: 2,3 km

Peak: 1391m

Valley: 1030m

© Ramsau.de/Bezoldhütte Toter Mann

Toboggan Run Toter Mann

The toboggan run begins at 1390m at the summit of the Toter Mann or at the Hirscheck chairlift mountain station along the south-facing hiking trail. The trail is also used by hikers and ski tourers. Therefore, mutual consideration is required. For ...

Length: 3 km

Peak: 1390

Valley: 1030

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