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The National park in Berchtesgaden - not just goats and marmots...

Ramsau can boast an awe-inspiring National park in the heart of the Bavarian alps, this is a protected area filled with unadulterated nature providing excellent recreation for its visitors.


The varied landscapes of the park allow for a huge diversity of flora and fauna and the hard climate also provides a constant challenge. The park prides itself on the most northern galcier in the Alps, the Blaueis glacier.

Pictures © National park Berchtesgaden


The park was established in 1978 with the main aim to protect nature.

Visiting the Park

There is a huge selection of marked walks in the park for nature lovers and all walkers of all levels. You can choose from a stroll in the valley to a extended walk in the higher mountain regions lasting for several days. There is never a shortage of restaurants to quench your hunger or thirst or hostels to stay overnight. In the summer months there are also several mountain farms open selling their produce.

Pictures © National park Berchtesgaden

Guided walks and events in the Park

All year round the park offers guided walks free of charge to its visitors.
The parks offers walks and events under the following headings:

- Families and children
- Nature lovers and inquisitive visitors
- Cultural and historical interests.

Pictures © National park Berchtesgaden

More information

For more information have a look at our website at: www.nationalpark-berchtesgaden.bayern.de

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