The trail network in Ramsau Valley

The Ramsau Valley is well developed with a network of trails that offers many advantages: The 10 represented hiking stages can be combined as you wish with further hiking treks or even with each other to form a loop. As individual routes, they are suitable for a leisurely walk. Enjoy a climate-friendly holiday, traveling by foot or with hiking buses, and try to leave your car at your accommodation as much as possible. Nature says "thank you"!

© Hans Klein / Wasseramsel

Hiking Stage 1 – Along the Ramsauer Ache East

The valley of the Ramsau Ache extends approximately 14 km from the train station in Berchtesgaden (541 m) to Hintersee (790 m). The riverside hiking trail leaves the valley floor only in the area of the Felsentor (rock gate) and runs from Roßhofs ...

Length: 2,4 km

Ascent: 40 hm

Duration: ¾ hours

© Hans Klein / Gletscherquellen

Hiking Stage 2 - Along the Ramsauer Ache West

The second hiking stage describes the path in the valley of the Ramsau Ache from the village center to Hintersee. From the starting point, you cross the Ache and follow the footpath to Pfeiffenmacherbrücke, then a short way uphill past the Gletsc ...

Length: 3,5 km

Ascent: 130 hm

Duration: 1 hours

© Hans Klein / Am König Max Weg

Hiking Stage 3 - König Max Trail

The King Max Trail was planted with a shade-providing beech avenue about 150 years ago in honor of the Bavarian King Max II. In recent years, this has been renewed by the National Association for Conservation in cooper ...

Length: 4 Km

Ascent: 127 hm

Duration: 1 ½ hours

© Hans Klein / am Soleleitungsweg

Hiking Stage 4 - Soleleitungsweg West

The western stage of the Ramsau Soleleitungsweg initially leads through a typical hump meadow terrain until it merges with the historic salt pipeline, through which from 1817 to 1927, the brine from the Berchtesgaden salt mine flowed to Bad Reiche ...

Length: 3,5 Km

Ascent: 82 hm

Duration: 1 ½ hours

Am Soleleitungsweg

Hiking Stage 5 - Soleleitungsweg East

The Soleleitungsweg Ramsau runs along the historic salt pipeline, which transported brine from the Berchtesgaden salt mine to Bad Reichenhall from 1817 to 1927. Approximately 300 meters above the valley, the well-devel ...

Length: 5,6 km

Ascent: 45 hm

Duration: 1 ½ hours

© TI Ramsau, Georg Grainer / Magdalenenkapelle

Hiking Stage 6 - Hintersee-Wartstein-Kunterweg

The Wartstein is a rather inconspicuous but very charming elevation with a beautiful view of Hintersee and the surrounding mountains. There are also many cultural highlights along the way that are worth discovering. Fr ...

Length: 3,9 km

Ascent: 110 hm

Duration: Gehzeit 3 ½ hours

© Tourist-Information Ramsau, Marika Hildebrandt

Hiking Stage 7 - Kunterweg

The Kunterweg is the church path along the 15 Rosary secrets to the pilgrimage church of Our Lady on the Kunterweg. In the upper part, it leads onto a local road. For hikers, it offers an easily walkable trail to get from the valley to higher grou ...

Length: 2,5 km

Ascent: 220 hm

Duration: 1 hours

© Irlinger / Schluchtweg

Hiking Stage 8 - Schluchtweg

The Schluchtweg runs deeply cut into the terrain along the Schwarzecker Bach (stream). It is the shortest connection from the Schwarzeck district to the valley and was primarily used as a church and school path in the past. Today, it is still an i ...

Length: 1,5 km

Ascent: 240 hm

Duration: 1 hours

© Hans Klein / Blick vom Gerstreitlehen

Hiking Stage 9 – Wimbachbrücke to Gerstreit

Hiking stage 9 is primarily intended as an ascent or descent from the Soleleitungsweg but can also be executed as a circular route in combination with the Soleleitungsweg and hiking stage 10. From (P)+(H), cross the B305 and follow Kederbacherstra ...

Length: 2,4 km

Ascent: 300 hm

Duration: 1 hours

© Hans Klein/ Blick vom Söldenköpfl

Hiking Stage 10 – Wimbachbrücke to Söldenköpfl via Ilsank

Hiking stage 10 is primarily intended as an ascent or descent from the Soleleitungsweg but can also be executed as a round trip in combination with hiking stage 9. From (P)+(H), cross the B305 and follow Kederbacherstr ...

Length: 5,6 km

Ascent: 410 hm

Duration: 2 hours


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