Obstructions on the trail to the 'Toter Mann'

from 02.08.2023 till end of 2023 there may be obstructions by construction vehicles on the hiking trail from Hochschwarzeck to Toten Mann.



! NEW ! at mountaineering Village Ramsau  / interactive audio guide adventure trail

 A warm welcome to Ramsau!
Join the Ramsau-born mountain guide Johann Grill (first ascent Watzmann-Ostwand in 1881) and mountaineer Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann (the first woman to climb the Watzmann-Ostwand in 1896) on their excursion to the Mountain Tote Mann.

The two mountaineering legends will tell you in 9 stations amazing, interesting, and impressive facts about the Berchtesgaden mountains,
mountaineering legends, and nature experiences.

Experience Station No. 1 from home – Get the Locandy-App: - http://www.locandy.com/qr/de-ramsau-en