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Gamsbart und Garnierröckl (Chamois beard and hand-gathered skirt )

The Berchtesgadener Land is undoubtedly one of the regions where traditional costumes are still worn, perhaps more than anywhere else in Germany. In their diversity and prevalence across all social classes, they represent the epitome of typical Bavarian lifestyle and joy of living. The traditional dress called the ‘Berchtesgadener Tracht’, emerged relatively late in its development in the late 19th century in the Upper Bavarian Region. Over time, local variations have evolved, such as the shape of the hat or its intricate adornments.

The men’s dress of the Achentaler in Ramsau is characterized by the distinctive round hat adorned with a tuft of chamois hair (‘Gamsbart’), the blue-gray jacket, deer leather trousers, knitted calf-length stockings, and a type of bow tie called ‘Bindl’ at the collar of the shirt. Girls and women wear a hand-gathered skirt (‘Garnierröckl’), braided hair, black silk stockings, and fasten the shoulder shawl with the striking rose pattern above the bodice. Further jewelry includes a traditional necklace, hairpin, earrings, and brooches on the shawl. On festive occasions, a silk scarf is worn and an approximately 10cm wide ribbon called ‘Fürschtabandl’ is tied above the apron ribbon. Additionally, women wear hand-gathered skirts with elaborate silk ribbon decoration and a hat with a gold cord and hat pin.

The traditional costumes are worn on various occasions – festive days, holidays, days of mourning, and during alpine dances called ‘Almtänze’. Alpine dances take place approximately every two weeks during the summer season in the Kurgarten of the Bergsteigerdorf Ramsau. Under blue and white skies, with a cool beer and lively music, traditional Bavarian dances and plattler are performed. Solo dancers, figure dances, and performances by the youth group are integral parts, providing for a diverse program. Particularly impressive is the the Trachten- und Schützenjahrtag (traditional dress and marksmen’s day) on the second Sunday in July when seventeen ‘Weihnachtsschützen’ (Christmas marksmen) and nine traditional dress associations from Berchtesgaden march through the historic market of Berchtesgaden after a solemn mass.

Dialect, music, traditional dress, and customs were not invented by individuals but have been honed over centuries and continue to serve as important links between people and their homeland.


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