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‘Dirndlgwand’ and ‘Lederhose’

In Ramsau, wearing a ‚Dirndl’ (Women’s dress)  and ‚Lederhose’ (Men’s leather pants) is an integral cultural component. In their diversity and individuality, traditional dress represents typical Bavarian culture. A Dirndl suits every woman, and there is hardly any garment that is more versatile. From light and airy summer types to elegant versions for festive occasions, traditional fashion combines tradition with modernity and is always subject to the changes of time and fashion. There are almost no limits when it comes to choosing colors, fabrics, cuts, and accessories. Whether plain or patterned, embroidered or hand-printed, made of cotton or silk, with button fastening or lacing - the details and fabrics of Dirndls can be individually chosen. The origins of Bavarian traditional dresses date back to the 18th century. In the past, the term ‘Dirn‘ referred to a young woman who worked as a maid in domestic and agricultural settings. These young women wore a blouse with a top layer and a wide skirt with a colorful apron – the ‘Dirndlgwand‘. The dresses were plain and simple, and thanks to the durable fabrics, the maids had a certain freedom of movement without revealing too much skin. However, over the years the Dirndl evolved from a servant's dress to everyday attire and eventually became desired clothing for festive occasions. Arms and necks were freed from the fabrics, cuts became more body-hugging, and more elaborate decorations were added. The appearance of the Dirndl, as we know it today, with a tight bodice and a wide skirt, has remained unchanged.

What the Dirndl is for women, the Lederhosen are for men. Made from the finest suede deer leather, leather trousers have been widely spread and popular for centuries, primarily due to their robustness and durability. In earlier times, the leather trousers were mostly worn as long pants and the shorter models only became socially acceptable in the 1930s. The leather trousers are not only worn to folk festivals but also for special occasions or in everyday life. The elaborate embroidery patterns vary regionally and used to provide clues about the wearer's origin. Lederhosen are typically combined with a traditional shirt, known as a ‘Pfoad’ along with ‚Haferlschuhe’ (Low-rise leather shoes) and knee- or calf-length stockings.


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