An Amazing Work of Nature 


Over thousands of year the river wimbach had being eroding the rock face in the Wimbach valley. The result is this awe inspiring gorge. 

The force of the water is so strong in places, that water pools have been formed from the water pounding down from the rock walls into the riverbed.

There is a safe wooden path along the gorge which allows walkers to be captivated by this unique work of nature. A sight not be missed!

Wimbachklamm: The Background. 

Local foresters were the first to build a bridge through the gorge to help transport wood out of the valley. The wood was needed for the saltmines in Berchtesgaden.

They stopped removing wood for the mines in 1843 and the wooden bridge was opened to the public for the first time in 1847. 

Entrance fee: 2.- Euro per Person




After passing through the gorge, the path leads gently uphill through the amazing Wimbach Valley. (Wimbachtal)

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