A testimony to the baroque devotion to Mary

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Kunterweg



2,0 km

(starting Rathaus Ramsau/tourist information point)


a. d. Straße Im Tal, Neuhausenbrücke, Pfeifenmacherbrücke

Bus stop/line:

Oberwirt / RVO Linie 845 oder 846


Ramsau, Kunterweg

Time required:

ca. 30 Minuten Fußweg ab Parkplatz



Church Guide Ramsau b. Berchtesgaden

Pilgrimage Church Maria Kunterweg

Located in the middle of the forest on the mountain slopes of the Kunterwegkogel is the pilgrimage church of Our Lady Mary. The artfully decorated building was inaugurated in 1733 after only two years of construction and, along with St. Bartholoma, Maria Gern and Maria Ettenberg, is one of four pilgrimage churches in the Berchtesgadener Land. The center of the high altar features the holy image of the purpose for the pilgrimage: Mary as the “Heavenly Empress” on the ornate armchair. Matching is the ceiling fresco “Assumption of Mary into Heaven”. Fascinating are also the numerous votive boards of pilgrims thanking for various matters. The impressive walk to the church begins at the Calvary Chapel, built in 1774, which features almost life-sized sculptures of the crucifixion group, and is scattered with stations of the 15 secrets of the rosary.
The story of the legend associated with the church can be read from the “Sagenhafte Wanderungen (Legendary Walks)” board in front of it.

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