Mount Watzmann

“Big, mighty, fateful” it says lyrics about the Watzmann, and yet there is also a gentle side of the highest mountain in the core zone of the national park. On signposted paths, you can get closer to the imposing wilderness and enjoy the view ...

Mountains & nature

Distance 1,3 km

Hochkalter mit Taubensee

Mount Hochkalter and Blaueisglacier

At 2607m, the Hochkalter is only slightly lower than the Watzmann and no less imposing. Surrounded by summit ridges, the northernmost glacier in the alps, the Blaueis, shines down into the valley. The Hochkalter mountain range is well developed fo ...

Mountains & nature

Distance 4,3 Km

Nationalpark Informationsstelle Klausbachhaus


The Klausbachtal is the westernmost of the three main valleys in the national park. It offers insights into the forces of water and rock, as well as idyllic alpine pastures and impressive flora and fauna. There are many interesting facts about the ...

Mountains & nature

Distance 5,8 km

Klausbachtal Wildfütterrung

Game feeding station in Klausbachtal

Very romantic is a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the wintery Klausbachtal to the game feeding station, which was created as a generous winter quarter for red deer living in the area. The animals can freely move around but are fed regularly to av ...

Mountains & nature

Distance 5,8 km



The Wimbachtal is located between the rugged mountain ranges of the Watzmann and Hochkalter. As the middle one of the three main valleys in the national park, the Wimbachtal is unique for its wild and untouched natural landscape. The walk through ...

Mountains & nature

Distance 1,3 km

Königssee Archenkanzel

Lake Königssee

Nestled between massive rock faces, the most well-known valley is filled by the emerald green Königssee. It is only accessible with the electric boats of the Königsseeschifffahrt or by foot over the summit regions of the surrounding mountains. S ...

Lakes & shipping

Distance 9 Km

Jennerbahn Watzmannblick

Mount Jenner by Lake Königssee

Catch the modern cable car to the middle or top stations to the Hagengebirge national park area with its well-developed hiking areas, mountain huts and alpine pastures. The viewing platform below the Jenner summit provides a spectacular view of th ...

Mountains & nature

Distance 9 Km

Haus der Berge

Haus der Berge („House of the Mountains“)

The National Park Center “Haus der Berge“ offers a wide range of options for preparing or following up a visit to Germany’s only alpine national park: The award-winning exhibition “Vertical Wilderness”, interactive information about the ...

Museums & art

Distance 8 Km


Voss - Unterlandtal

Unterlandtal - Fewo Voss
Erholung in ruhiger Lage

Maltan Kaltbachhäusl

Gästehaus Kaltbachhäusl
Frühstückspension - Ferienwohnung

Maltan Reschenberg

Haus am Reschenberg

Bartels Wörndlhof

Hotel Wörndlhof
Das Refugium am Hintersee

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