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WinterWalking in Winter

Walking in Winter

Zauberwald –  Hintersee

The Magical Forest

Distance: up to 10 km
Altitude covered: 150 m
Duration: 2 – 3 Hours
Starting point: Ramsau Village

Follow the river upstream, passing by the Gletscherquellen (Glacial springs) and onto the Marxenklamm. This amazing gorge which is sprinkled with icicles, has been formed over thousands of years of water cutting into the underlying rock. At this point you enter the Zauberwald or the well earned name of the magical forest. 

15 million cubic metres of rock fell to the valley from the surrounding mountains  approximately 3500 years ago. It blocked off the whole valley. The water from Hintersee, while searching for a downhill path, formed this fairytale scenery now known as the magical forest (Zauberwald).

Wanderung über den vereisten Hintersee

Allow yourself to be captivated by this magical scenery and escape into the magic forest with its snow covered trees. Take some time to relax at the Hintersee which is usually frozen over in Winter. Depending on the amount of snow lying on the ground, you could consider returning to the village via Kunterweg Kirche.This lenghtens the tours by approximately one hour.

Restaurants along the way: Gasthof Alpenhof, Gasthof Wörndlhof, Wirtshaus im Zauberwald, Gasthaus Seeklause, Cafe Gelfahrt, Gasthof Auzinger.

Klausbachtal - Red deer feeding station in the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Distance: 4 km
altitude covered: 50 m
Duration:1,5hours approx.
Starting point: Hirschbichlstraße carpark at Hintersee

winterwandern2What better way to experience a sunny winters day in the Alps than visiting the wild red deer feeding station in the Berchtesgaden National park at Hintersee. Enjoy the snow sparkling like diamonds along the path. After a short walk, you reach the deer feeding station. This tour is ideal for children, in pushchairs or on sledges. The surrounding snow covered mountains are spectacular. To top of the day, take a walk around the Hintersee. 

Restaurants closeby:
Gasthof Auzinger, Gasthof Alpenhof, Gasthof Wörndlhof, Gasthaus Seeklause, Cafe Gelfart.

Soleleitungsweg - direction Söldenköpfl

A Walk on Heaven balcony!

Distance: 12 km
Altitude covered: 40 m
Duration: 2 – 3 Hours  
Starting point: Gasthaus Zipfhäusl

This walk follows the path of the original path of the salt pipeline which ran from Berchtesgaden to Bad Reichenhall. It is one of the most spectacular walks in the whole region.

Due to its nature, it is one of the flattest walks around. It lies about 400m about the valley of Ramsau ans offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. An ideal walk to enjoy the scenery without exerting oneself too much! 

One can still see some of the 200 year old wooden pipes which can be viewed along the way. Along this walk there are plenty of benches and reataurants to rest and refresh!



Restaurants along the way:
Berggasthof Zipfhäusl, Berggasthof Gerstreit und Berggasthof Söldenköpfl

Soleleitungsweg - direction Mordaualm

Nature pure with wonderful views

Distance: ca. 6 km
Altitude covered: 100 m approx.
Duration: 1 1/2 – 2 hours approx.                                                                                           Starting point: Gasthaus Zipfhäusl        

This walk starts with wonderful views of the snow covered valley of Ramsau. After about one and a half kilometers, the path leads into the forest. The snowladen pine tree branches are extremely tranquil. The path which is now slightly uphill, continues towards Mordaualm. Depending on the amount of snow, you may be able to continue up to the mountain farm.(closed in winter). Before returning home, whay not visit one of the nearby restaurants.

Restaurants closeby: Berggasthof Zipfhäusl, Wirthaus Wachterl, Gasthof Hindenburglinde.


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